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Most common mail problems

Mails can have an assortment of reasons for not working and troubleshooting can take a long time. Here are some issues and resolutions that might help


How to check if a domain name is available

If you want to check on the availability of a domain, you can visit any domain host and use their search function. We use Register Domain SA and here are all the steps needed to check the availability of a domain name:

How to transfer a domain to us

How to transfer a domain to us

If a new client signs up with us and already owns a domain, we have to first transfer the domain over to our domain host. We don’t have to transfer the domain in order to build and host the website for the client but it makes it much easier and faster for us to troubleshoot and we ensure the domain is renewed on time and we pay for that renewal( if it’s a “” domain)


WordPress vs Shopify: Which is best?

WordPress vs Shopify…The debate surrounding the battle between WordPress and Shopify is a hot one! And one that has been covered extensively. So we aren’t going to repeat what has already been said but we have created a scorecard that highlights some of the key differences between the two giants.

web design

5 Reasons why your business must have a website

Do you have a business without a website? If so, you are loosing business on a daily basis. You might think your business doesn’t need a website and it’s an unnecessary expense, your competitors doesn’t think that way and they are going to make more money than you. Let’s explore a few reasons why having a website is crucial for any business today.

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