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Great (& FREE) ways to promote your website

So you’ve just launched your website and now you can sit back and watch as the business rolls in!


Launching a website is just the start of an ongoing process of managing your business and it does take some work, unfortunately. But don’t let this get you down, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There are plenty of ways, both free and paid for, that you can use to promote your website and business – each with their own pros and cons. For obvious reasons paid marketing or advertising is the better, faster way to generate leads, sales, etc but if you are on a tight budget, check out these free ways to promote your website:

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Email Marketing

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Believe it or not, email marketing is still a very effective way of reaching your audience. There are various reasons why but one of the big factors is that a large portion of the population has an email address and if you sign up to most sites or online shops these days you must have an email address. Take a look at this article that highlights some very interesting stats about email marketing. A very easy-to-use and cheap email marketing platform is Mailchimp. You can sign up for free and have up to 2000 contacts on your mailing list before they start charging you. You can build various campaigns, select a specific audience for each campaign and design your newsletters/marketing emails with the templates they provide. Best of all is it tracks all the required details of your campaign so that you can fine-tune your next campaigns. We can also install a Mailchimp Plug-In into your website and connect this with your Mailchimp account. So your visitors can sign up directly from your website! 🙂

Start a Blog

Starting a blog on your website is an extremely effective and popular way of creating awareness of your website and business. Blogs can be packed full of rich keywords and terms that Google loves! It increases your SEO and thus increases your site’s ranking score, pushing you higher up the ranking ladder.

Writing blog posts forces you to research your market, and in turn broadens your knowledge and professional skills plus, writing a blog is very easy! We can set up the blog section for you, give you access to the blog editor and you can instantly start writing your blogs!

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Social media

Social media is way more than just a place where you share your experiences with your friends. It’s become a mega advertising platform! Just think about this: Facebook knows more about you than you probably know about yourself and it can harness that info to show you tailor-made adverts. You can do the same for your business but this isn’t free and since we’re discussing free ways to promote your business, there are still a few things you can do on social media that will help. For obvious reasons, your business must have some Social media presence. You should at least have a Facebook page for your business. That is what usually shows up on a Google search before your website does(if it’s a new website) so it ‘s a great way to rank you higher in Google. Plus, you can cram tons of info about your business into your page, talk directly to your clients, and much more. But you can also promote your business on Facebook via other groups or pages. You should regularly post something to your page(the norm is 2-3 times a week) and share that on other pages where you might pick up some leads. Join groups where their sole purpose is to find a service provider. For example, there are groups like “I Know a Guy” where there are tons of messages every day of people looking for specific services or products. Search for a few of those and follow them. It could be a great source of income. And don’t forget to post your website’s address there when you comment. It’s good for your Google ranking!

If you are looking for help on how to setup your Facebook page and/or manage it, give us a shout! Email us at info@webify24.com

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Submit your site to online directories

Online directories make it very easy for people to find your business online and to navigate to your website. Register your business on places like Google My Business. Bing is another great place to register your business on and it’s actually a very big search engine. Check it out here. Or try this article that lists a few directory websites. Other options are the Yellow Pages and Google Maps. We can also do this for you at a very low fee. Should you be interested, please email us at info@webify24.com

Create engagement

A great way to get people talking about your business is to create engaging content and share it. Create promos or giveaways or discounts or competitions. Creating a banner for your promo isn’t difficult (we can help) and you can place it on your website and share it via your email marketing or social media. Encourage people to visit your site by promoting the banner on your social media for the details on how to enter. The end goal is to get people to visit your website.

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Email signature

If you have an email signature (and you should have one for your business), you should use it to promote your website. Include the website’s address on the signature and also put your website’s URL in the signature, so that if someone clicks on the signature, they’re taken to your website. Also include links to your social media accounts.

sign up to other websites

Look for websites in your particular industry that will allow you to promote your service or products on there. If you sell physical or digital products, you can for instance list your products on BidorBuy, or on Sell SA or even on Takealot. If you have a service-type business, look for websites that will allow you to list your website on theirs and create a backlink (These are great for SEO scores! Check out the article in the link for some great tips).


There are still many more ways to promote your business for free but all it takes is some time, creativity, some Google searches and ACTION! Your website will not promote itself – you have to do it. Think of your website as your foundation for the house that is your business. You need it for stability but it needs constant maintenance or it will start to crumble.

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