How to transfer a domain to us

How to transfer a domain to us

If a new client signs up with us and already owns a domain, we have to first transfer the domain over to our domain host. We don’t have to transfer the domain in order to build and host the website for the client but it makes it much easier and faster for us to troubleshoot and we ensure the domain is renewed on time and we pay for that renewal( if it’s a “” domain)

Here are the steps to cover both options mentioned above:

1. Transfer the domain to us:

(a) We put in a domain transfer request. This request will send an email to the email address registered with your domain host.
(b) If you received the notification email for the transfer request, you can accept the request yourself. If your current website host or developer gets the mail, you should instruct them to accept the transfer
(c) Once the transfer has been accepted, we get notified of the acceptance.
(d) The domain still points to your current website server/host. We only point the domain once the below has been completed
(e) You make a backup of your mails attached to the domain or you archive it on your pc. If your mails and website are running on CPanel, and you have access to it, we can make a backup of the mails and upload it to our server. then you don’t need to back up or archive your emails on your pc. Here’s how you can backup your mail.
(f) Once step (e) has been done, we proceed to point the domain to our server
(g) The pointing takes about 8 hours to complete and once done, your mails will be running from our server and the previous server will be cut off.
(h) We have created the same email addresses on our server and if any configuration on the client’s Outlook or mail client is needed, we do that via Anydesk.

2. Keep your domain at your host

(a) If you don’t want to transfer the domain to us, you can keep the domain at your current host
(b) We build and host your website on one of our servers and we supply you with the server’s IP address
(c) You supply your current domain hosting provider with our server’s IP address and they update the “a” records with this IP address
(d) This will then allow us to build a site on our server without transferring your domain and you keep your emails as is on that server.

Please note that you will still be paying your current hosting and domain provider apart from our fee.

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