We team up with other companies and individuals to help them with building and maintaining their clients’ websites.

Why collaboration?

Most companies we work with don’t build websites but they have a client base that requires these services. 

So, naturally, they look for someone who can build, manage and maintain their clients’ websites. That’s where we come in. And we don’t just build and leave. We form a long term relationship with our partners to ensure our mutual clients are given the best service at the lowest cost possible. 

how does it work?

Our partners markets to their core audience and sources new business. Once a new client signs up, they send us the details and we contact the clients to start the process of getting their websites online. 

We then, on an ongoing basis, make sure everything runs smooth with their sites, keeping close contact with both our partners and our mutual clients. Does this cost the client more? No it doesn’t. We invoice the client, collect the payment and pay the share to our partners. As long as the client hosts their website with us, we keep paying our partners their share. 

Who can sign up?

If you are an individual looking to supplement your income, you can sign up with us. 

If you are a business, and you’re looking to either sell websites to your clients but you don’t build websites or if you have a client base with existing websites, you can sign up with us. We can take over your existing clients’ websites and look after them for you. 

Collaboration sites

Here are some of the sites we’ve build in partnership with other companies

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