Terms of service

Package 1: R199 per month

  • 3 Email addresses(2.5GB storage per email)
  • 5 Page design
  • E-commerce not included
  • 1Gb Server storage
  • 4 Hours maintenance per month
  • Domain registration included (only for .co.za)

Package 2: R299 per month

  • 5 Email address included(3.5GB storage per email)
  • 8 Page design
  • Non-Ecommerce site
  • 1.5GB Server Storage
  • 5 Hours per month maintenance included
  • Domain registration included

Package 3: R499 per month

  • 8 Email address included(5 GB storage per email)
  • 8 Page design (excludes “Home”, “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages)
  • E-commerce included with 100 Products
  • 1.5GB Server Storage
  • 5 Hours per month maintenance included
  • Domain registration included

Package 4: R799 per month

  • 10 Email address included(10 GB storage per email)
  • 12 Page design
  • E-commerce included with 200 Products
  • 2GB Server storage
  • 8 Hours per month maintenance included
  • Domain registration included

Add to your package:

  • Additional email addresses: From R45 per email
  • Server upgrade to LiteSpeed: R50 p/m
  • 1Gb Additional Server space: R99 p/m
  • Additional 3rd party apps(charges varies)
  • E-commerce ad-on package – R99 per month per 25 products
  • Additional pages: R75.00 per page once off
  • Maintenance: R180 per hour

Website design and management Terms and Conditions

This is an contract (herewith known as “The Agreement” between the parties, David Theron t/a Webify24.com(herewith known as the “Service Provider”) and the prospective client (herewith known as the “Client”). By signing this document, both parties agrees to the terms and conditions set out herein and agrees to abide by the conditions set forth and that this agreement will be binding on both parties.


The Service provider offers the client 4 different website packages, of which the client selects one package, based on a 12 month agreement from date of signing. The Service provider requires certain information from the client in order to complete the website and in no way, shape or form will the Service Provider be held liable for wrongful information supplied by the Client as it will be the sole responsibility of the Client to provide the Service Provider with the correct information. The client must provide the required information in writing prior to the said information being used in the website by the Service Provider. Once the Agreement has been signed and approved by the Service Provider, this agreement will be regarded as full and final.


The Service Provider endeavors to complete the Client’s website within 7-10 business days of the Client signing the agreement and given that all the required information requested from the Client is present. This allotted time frame excludes weekends and public holidays. Should the Client not have provided all the required information to make the website live, the payment and invoice terms are still binding and all outstanding payments are still due. If the Client requests for a large website with many pages and products, the 7 business days’ time frame will not be applicable. The Service Provider will discuss the completion time with the Service Provider based on the criteria of the particular website. PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen events(for example: an internet cable is damaged or the ISP is unable to provide internet access) which can delay the abovementioned time frames, the Service Provider cannot be held liable for any delays or damages or losses as a result. Should any event that causes a delay be present and known to the Service Provider, the Service Provider undertakes to notify the Client in writing as soon as possible.  


The agreement is based on a 12 month agreement and the Client is liable for the monthly fee every month for the duration of the agreement (please refer to the Cancelation Terms if the Client wishes to terminate the agreement before the agreement term is completed). The Service Provider will issue an invoice to the Client on the 25th of each month, unless the said date falls on a weekend or public holiday. In such a case, the invoice will be sent on the last business day prior to the public holiday or weekend day. The first payment due will be in the same month as when the agreement was signed by both parties, irrespective of the progress of the website.  All respective payments must reflect in the Service Provider’s bank account by no later than the last day of the month. Should the payment/s not reflect in the Service Provider’s bank account on the last day of the month, a late payment penalty fee of 10% of the outstanding amount will be levied against the Client’s account. PLEASE NOTE: The Service Provider uses First National Bank (FNB –South Africa) and payment made from a non-FNB account could take up to 48 hours to reflect in the Service Providers account. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure prompt payment is made to the Service Provider as to accommodate the waiting period of transfers between two different banks. Should the Service Provider not have received the said payment/s by the 3rd day of the new month, the Service Provider reserves the right to put the Client’s website and emails on temporarily hold until the payment has reflected in their account. In such an instance, the Service Provider will not be held accountable for any losses or damages due to the temporary closure of the Client’s website. Should the Client experience an issue with payment to the Service Provider that could cause a longer than normal waiting period, the Client should inform the Service Provider in a reasonable time so alternative arrangements may be made. The Service Provider will strive to accommodate the Client in any way possible, given the communication between the parties regarding payment is in writing.


In the event that the Client requires the website to perform a specific function that does not come standard with the packages, the Service Provider will suggest a Plug-In(Similar to an App) that could fulfil the required functionality. Since all plug-ins are built and maintained by 3rd party developers, there may be additional costs involved in getting the plug in to function as needed. If there are any costs involved in the usage of a plug in, the amount charged by the 3rd party developer will be billed to the Client’s account along with the monthly subscription. The client must confirm in writing that they give permission to the Service Provider to install and charge for any plug-ins. Please note that all charges related to plug-ins will be added to the Client’s bill immediately. These plug-ins can be cancelled at any time but will be charged for on a pro rata basis. Please note that searching for a plug in, installing, setup and testing of a new plug in takes some time and should be taken into consideration regarding the time frame in which the site is supposed to be built.


The Service Provider offers all their packages with a set amount of free maintenance per month. Should the Client use all of the allotted free maintenance hours and require more work to be done in the same month, the Service Provider will bill the Client at R180 per hour. Prior to starting on additional hours, the Service Provider will, in writing, inform the Client of such and of the cost estimate of the project. The additional maintenance charges will be added to the current month’s bill which is payable as per the PAYMENT AND INVOICE TERMS clause.


In case of cancelation, the following terms will allow the both parties to successfully cancel the agreement:

  • The Cancelation of the agreement must be put in writing. (2.) The reason for canceling the agreement must be clearly stated. This will allow the Service Provider to assess the cancelation request and to afford the Service Provider with time to communicate with the Client regarding the reason and to possibly resolve the matter before canceling.

Upon the Client’s confirmation of cancelation, the Service Provider will put the Client’s website on hold immediately and prevent any visitors from entering the site. The Service Provider will issue an invoice to the Client for the outstanding balance of the remainder of the agreement, which is payable immediately upon receiving the invoice. Once the Client has completed the cancelation payment, the Service Provider will be able to transfer the Client’s domain name to the Client or to a service provider of the Client’s choosing. No Domain transfer will be made unless the full outstanding balance is paid to the Service Provider. PLEASE NOTE: The content or the design elements of the said website will not be transferred to the Client during the first year of service. Because the Service Provider charges no upfront fees or build fees, the content and design elements will remain the property of the Service Provider. It will be the responsibility of the Client to provide the relevant information to their new Service Provider, should they wish to move their website over to them. In the event that the Client has an ecommerce website, the details of the customers, their purchases and all reports relating to sales and website statistics will be handed over to the Client. Once the Client has confirmed cancelation of their website, the Service Provider will host the Client’s website on their servers for an additional 14 days (this includes public holidays and weekend days) in case the Client changes their mind on their service provider and wishes to return to us. After 14 days, the Service Provider will delete the Client’s website from their server. Please take note that no backups will be sent to the client upon cancelation. It is also the client’s responsibility to back up their emails before canceling.


The Service Provider offers all of its website packages with no upfront fees, no design fees or no hosting fees and support is also included in all the packages (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED). These charges and costs will fall onto the Service provider and as such the Service Provider will not transfer the Client’s website or information to any new Service Provider or to the Client nor will the Service Provider transfer the website from their servers or platform to any other service provider’s servers or platform in the first year of service.  Once the cancelation request has been approved and all outstanding monies owed by the Client has been paid, the Service Provider will be able to initiate the Domain Name transfer to the client or to their new Service Provider. PLEASE NOTE: Domain transfers may take 48hrs or more to populate on the Client’s side. Please allow for unexpected delays that is outside of the Service Provider’s control. The website content will be made available after the first years’ service has lapsed and given full payment of the account has been made.


The Service provider offers free registration and renewal of “.co.za” domain names for our client’s websites. Should the domain name be anything other that South African domain names(“.co.za”), the domain registration and renewals will be for the clients account. The Service Provider will invoice the client as the domain is registered or renewed, at the normal invoicing period.

The full price list of domains can be seen here.

Should the client change the domain name or name of the business during the period of the agreement, the Service Provider can change the domain name and the full cost of the new domain will be payable by the client as will any additional work done to change the name of the business. This service falls outside the normal maintenance hours that’s included in the contract. A written quotation will be issued to the client, indicating the estimated time and cost for the project. Before any such work can be started, the full payment of the invoice must be paid. Should the Service Provider go over the estimated time, it will be discussed with the client before continuing.


The Client will be granted limited access to the website’s back office if they have a package that includes E-commerce or blogging. This will allow the client to see and manage any sales as well as view their Customer’s details and statistics for the website. No other access will be granted in the back office unless otherwise agreed upon. Under no circumstances may the Client grant another user access to the back office at any time. Websites with no E-commerce functionality will not allow any outside users to the back office except for the Service Provider’s users.


The Service Provider will issue the Client a renewal agreement 30 days prior to the current agreement’s end date. Should the client wish to not renew the agreement for whatsoever reason, it should be put in writing. Should the Client wish to continue with the Service Provider’s services, the renewal agreement should be signed and sent to the Service Provider before the current agreement expires. Should the Client not respond to the renewal request within 7 days after the previous agreement has lapsed, the Service Provider will automatically renew the agreement on a month-to-month basis.  Please note that upon renewal, the agreement fee might be adjusted due to inflation, increase in running costs and the Rand/Dollar exchange rate. This will be discussed with the client prior to renewal.


The Client may upgrade their website package at any stage. The client will be billed the same as per the PAYMENT AND INVOICE TERMS section. The contract will be amended and signed by both parties without affecting the duration date, unless otherwise stated.

Should the client wish to downgrade, the full balance of the remainder of the contract will be payable before downgrading as to recover the time, effort and any costs incurred by the Service Provider that went into the upgrade/website. The agreement as it stands at the time of downgrading will not be affected and all terms and conditions set forth in it will remain unchanged, save the new package selection and its monthly cost.

Server maintenance or downtime:

The Service Provider takes no responsibility for any downtime on the server due to maintenance or faults. The server is not the property of the Service Provider and is not responsible for the maintenance schedule or faults on the server/s.

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