Website Design FAQ

What will my website be built on?

We build all our site on the world’s biggest website platform: WordPress

How much does a website cost?

With you can choose between monthly or once-off packages. Monthly packages starts from R249 per month and once-off at R1999.00

How long does it take to build a website?

Typically we can build a site in 5-7 days but some sites do take longer. It all depends on the info feed from the client and the complexity of the site.

Can you help me with my existing site?

We can but there’s a lot of factors that will determine if we can. Best to give us a call at 084 499 8148 or email us at

Who hosts the website?

If you opt for the monthly package, the website is hosted on our servers. If you want the once-off package, you can host it on your own server or let us host it for you for a small fee.

Can you manage the website for me?

Absolutely! On the monthly packages we take care of everything! If you are hosting the website yourself, we can do that too.

Can I update or edit the website myself?

On the monthly packages, no – we take care of that. You just let us know and we’ll do it for you. If you are hosting it yourself, then yes, you absolutely can!

Can I add a blog to my site?

Yes you can! We setup the blog section for you and grant you access to the blog so you can start blogging away. There are some additional charges for the setup and if you wish for us to post the blogs for you, a fee is also applicable

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

YES! All our themes are mobile responsive and looks great on both smart phones and tablets!

How long will the website take to rank high on google?

There’s a lot that will determine this. All our websites we’ve built has basic SEO included to help with ranking but it takes a lot of effort from the business owner to rank higher. The fastest way is to place Google ads but there are free ways that can help. Here’s an article that can help:

DO I really need a website?

No. If you have more customers than you can handle and don’t want anymore then you might not need a website. However, if you want to expand the business, get more enquiries or become the go-to- person in your space then you should have a website.

Will you buy the domain for me?

Yes, absolutely! We’ll buy it and make sure it’s renewed on time. There’s a small annual renewal fee applicable.

Do you do the seo for my website?

We include very basic SEO setup when we built the sites. We insert keywords into the ALT text of the images and setup an SEO plug in and that’s free. But should you require more than that, then we can quote you on that.

Do you register my website on search engines?

Once your website is launched, we register your website on Google’s Search Console and have it indexed. We can also register and index your site on Bing for a small fee.

Can you setup my Facebook page?

Yes we can! You can talk to us about your needs and we can quote you.

Can you redesign my website?

We can but we have to assess the website first. It depends greatly on the type of website software it was built on. If we can’t we would suggest a total redesign on our system.

Do you work internationally?

Yes we can work with anyone from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, we can help you.

What if I want to move my website to another company?

You can do that, given your account is up to date. There are some terms and conditions that you will need to pay attention to though.

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